Is an educational website recently introduced in Spain , belonging to the company Creative Edition Ltd, whose similar educational portals in the UK and Mexico.
Giving impartial  information for youth  on sexual health and reproductive . This website aims to provide information to young girls and boys who are seeking help and support in the most diverse questions about sexual and reproductive health, including abortion and adoption issues . Also the users will find the nearest abortion clinics to them using the feature – find the nearest abortion clinics to your location-

Generally people or young couples , to unwanted pregnancies and other problems related to their sexual health, may go through situations of distress , insecurity or ignorance . In those moments is when they need reliable sources of information , professional opinions , and above all practical and nearby . Unfortunately this support is often difficult to achieve.
This website offers a close and practical choices that young girls and boys have to an unwanted pregnancy situation , including the various procedures used to terminate a pregnancy , so that helps girls and young couples to make their own decisions by accurately describe and impartial manner, all possible options .
Due to its extensive and detailed coverage of sexual health issues , is also a tool for professional family counseling and / or education . Our site provides links to authoritative clinical practice and legal abortion in Spain explained in straightforward terms the advice , support and medical services they provide. It also provides links to other related prevention and sexual health promotion resources.
This site also offers an overview of the abortion law in Spain , as well as other important laws related to youth . This is a space dedicated to sex education , emphasizing train young girls and boys to make mature decisions about their own sexual behavior. We have also included information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs ) , how to avoid them and how to access free, confidential medical treatment. It also provides detail information about contraception and other sexual health issues , such as anatomy and relationships. web is an easy to use, with a clear menu that allows you to navigate to the topic you want directly , offering a unique and affordable service to any young man who seeks guidance on sexual health and reproductive .


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