www.abortion-clinics.co.uk offers all women straight forward advice on how to address the difficult issue of arranging a private abortion and features an easy, click-through guide to finding an abortion clinic in their local area. Apart from getting direct access to the list of UK abortion clinics, users can easily access sources of abortion counselling and other abortion information services to help them come to a reasoned decision at what can be a time of great stress.

abortion-clinics.co.uk provides a wealth of abortion information, in the form of a drop-down section of FAQs, as well sections on the law, contraception and sexual health. Although it is orientated towards women who would like to arrange a private abortion, with the minimum of delay and worry, the entitlement to a termination on the NHS, and the procedures for obtaining one, are also laid out. The site explains, in everyday language and easy to understand terms, the importance of gaining access to supportive abortion counselling, through family planning clinics, GPs or abortion clinics, before going ahead with any arrangement for a termination with an abortion clinic: much of this sort of advice and reassurance is available within the site and by direct links to other sources.

Who can use an abortion clinic? What legal frameworks control abortion clinics?

What sources of post abortion counselling exist? Before considering a private abortion, how can you access emergency contraception? These questions, and many more, are answered in a friendly and non-judgemental way in the site’s sections on abortion information.

The search engine, which assists women in locating an abortion clinic, allows the user to find an exhaustive list of locally accessible abortion clinics, simply by entering the first three characters of her postcode. Users can then link straight to a summary of the details of an individual abortion clinic, including information about its distance away, and whether it will offer only a private abortion service or, also, procedures funded by NHS contract. A simple, further click will take the user to a map locating the abortion clinic, its opening hours and, usually a link to its website where details of its abortion information and abortion counselling services can be found.

A unique feature of abortion-clinics.co.uk is its external links to abortion information services in Ireland, Spain and Mexico. The Spanish site also incorporates an easily searchable list of abortion clinics on the mainland and islands of Spain. The Irish link provides invaluable information for women seeking abortion counselling in the Republic of Ireland (including guidance on seeking a private abortion in England).

Whether you are a healthcare professional in search of a detailed description of abortion laws in the UK and abroad, or some one looking unprejudiced abortion information in plain language, abortion-clinics.co.uk is the best source of no nonsense advice. As abortion-clinics.co.uk can be accessed in over 20 different languages, it helps to demystify the process of seeking abortion counselling or a private abortion, by offering women of many cultural background direct links to abortion clinics and other sources of sexual health provision.



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