Abortion is set to become illegal in Spain if a reform on abortion law goes ahead.

The reform, led by Minister of Justice Alberto Ruiz Gallardon, will change the rules surrounding legal abortion in Spain. Led by the ruling conservatives Partido Popular, the change in law seems imminent despite causing huge controversy and a rift among the members of the party.

The Spanish parliament approved the reform last month, however the new law concerning legal abortion in Spain hasn’t been put into place yet. This won’t happen until the Congress of Deputies and the Senate give it the go ahead. The date for this is not known yet.

What is known is that the new law will make having a legal abortion in Spain as difficult as it was in 1985, therefore in terms of rights  and freedoms the country is regressing by 30 years.

To be able to have a legal abortion in Spain women will have to plead, justify their reasons and wait for the decision to made by a doctor, as they will no longer be able to make the decision themselves. Additionally, permission from the doctor will only be given in two circumstances: rape, or if the pregnancy poses a physical or psychological threat to the mother. At the moment deformities of the foetus are not accounted for.

There are currently abortion clinics in practically every region of the country, however as there will no longer a need for the same quantity of legal abortion clinics in Spain these will close down, and their closure will mean the disappearance of many jobs belonging to professionals who handle abortion in a safe and legal manner.

In 2010 the socialist party PSOE passed a law stating that women were permitted to have a termination within the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. Furthermore, in cases of foetal deformities, it is possible to have a legal abortion in Spain up until  the 22nd week.

The new ruling will make it as hard to have a termination in Spain as it is in conservative countries like Poland, Malta and Ireland, where abortion is illegal and women frequently travel to legal clinics for abortion in the UK to be able to have a safe termination. For women wondering how to have an abortion in Spain, if they don’t fit the above described criteria, seeking legal abortion clinics in the UK may be the best option.

During the first weekend of February, “The Train of Freedom” took place in Madrid, a series of demonstrations organised by women’s associations who have united in an attempt to halt the reforms. More than 15,000 people took to the streets to protest, waving handmade placards bearing slogans like “My body is mine, I decide”.  The demo began at Atocha station on Saturday at midday, with the aim of fighting against the government’s intention to take away the rights that women fought for many years ago.


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