Description: This is an injection of hormones that provides a longer-acting alternative to the pill. It works by slowly releasing the hormone progesterone into the body to stop ovulation. Each injection lasts from 8-12 weeks. Injections may reduce heavy or painful periods and may give some protection against cancer of the uterus.

Advantages: Unlike the popular pill with the contraceptive injection you don’t need to remember to take a tablet every single day.

Considerations: Periods can become irregular or stop altogether. It can take over a year for fertility to return to normal after stopping contraceptive injections, so if you are planning to start a family in the near future, it may not be suitable. It’s important to remember to attend your appointments every 8-12 weeks as prescribed by your GP or family planning clinic otherwise the contraceptive cover can stop. Injections though, do not offer protection against sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS.

Availability: It is available from your GP or family planning clinics.

Effectiveness: It is 99%.