Description: The male condom is a thin latex or plastic sheath placed over a man’s erect penis during sex to trap sperm at the point of ejaculation. It must be put on the penis as soon as it becomes erect and before any contact takes place with the vagina. Men should withdraw as soon as they have ejaculated and take care not to spill any semen.

Condoms must be used with care as they can slip off or split during sex. They should never be used with oil-based products such as petroleum jelly or suntan oil as these will damage the rubber.

Advantages: It is readily available in most supermarkets, chemists, and is free at any family planning clinic. It also offers protection against sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS.

Considerations: It can reduce spontaneity of sex.

Availability: It is available in most pharmacies, supermarkets, vending machines. Free from family planning clinics.

Effectiveness: It is 94%-98% effective depending on correct use. Always only use condoms with the BSI or CE kite mark on the packet.

Don’t forget: Only condoms protect against sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS.

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