Having an Abortion privately

Private abortion clinics are an option for various reasons:

  • – They are often open at weekends, meaning you don’t need to take time off during the week
  • – You don’t want to wait for an appointment through the NHS
  • – You are worried you might see someone you know at an NHS clinic

If you decide to have a private abortion, your first appointment will consist of a consultation, where you will be offered abortion counseling. You will take a pregnancy test and an ultrasound scan will be done to confirm how many weeks pregnant you are, the method of abortion will be determined by this.

If you are not advanced enough for the ultrasound to show anything you might have to return a few days later.

Why choose private?

Getting an appointment at a private abortion clinic is usually much faster than at an NHS hospital – the consultation and procedure usually happen within a week. Weekend appointments are also available, however these may cost a little more.

Staff are specialists in the field and will be knowledgeable and supportive.

Abortion Service Cost

You will usually be expected to pay the full fee before the procedure takes place, however some abortion clinics allow you to pay in installments in the weeks leading up to the termination. Fees can be anything between £400 – £2,00 depending on the clinic, and a further fee is payable for the initial consultation, which could be £40 up to £200.

Abortion Confidentiality

The abortion clinic may ask you whether they can forward your notes to your GP, however there is no obligation for you to do so. Your records are completely confidential and the clinic will not disclose them to anyone, even family members.

Finding a private abortion clinic

There are various ways to find a private abortion clinic. You could simply try a search on the internet, however for quicker results you can look on the NHS website, or check with the Family Planning Association, Citizen’s Advice Bureau, or your GP.

All private abortion clinics must be registered to ensure they maintain high standards of care; if you want to check whether a clinic is licensed or not check with the Department of Health.

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