What you can do if your pregnancy is unplanned

Facing an unwanted pregnancy can be a scary situation for many women. There are many reasons why you might not want to have a child. You may not be in a stable relationship and don’t want to be a single mother, you might not be in the right financial situation, you might feel you’re too young, or just not ready. Every woman is different, and not wanting to have a child is perfectly reasonable. The most important factor is that you make the right decision for you.

Many women don’t feel comfortable talking about an unwanted pregnancy and the options they face, and you might feel overwhelmed at the thought of having to decide what to do. There are however, plenty of sources of advice available to help you make an informed decision to suit your situation. It can be helpful to talk to friends and family, and there are also counsellors and other professionals you can talk to about your circumstances. It may simply have come as a shock if you were not planning on getting pregnant, and you might need help in deciding what your next step should be. If you decide the circumstances are not right for you to be a mother, there are various options:

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