Understanding how your body works can help you and your partner with family planning, to either plan a pregnancy or to avoid one.

There are many different methods of contraception, like emergency contraception, the pill, or condoms, which suit people at different times of their lives. They all work in different ways, by preventing or affecting ovulation, stopping fertilisation by preventing the sperm from meeting the egg, or by identifying the fertile and infertile times of the menstrual cycle.

Unplanned pregnancy?

If you have a missed period, pregnancy testing should be done, and if this is an unplanned pregnancy, abortion information can be found at  fpa or a Brook clinic or in an private abortion clinic.

Had an abortion?

If you are experiencing emotional difficulties following an abortion, and need abortion counselling ask to your GP or consult with your  fpa or a Brook clinic .

In Sexual Education you will find out about how your body works, the conception process, emergency contraception; how to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections; what actually happens during sex: what your options are; abortion information, where to find abortion counselling and much more…..