“DECIDE  make us free”

The Manifiest made for  Spanish Women Organization against the proposal of the new govermen about Abortion

Before the announcement by the Popular Party government to reform the current Organic Law 2/2010 of sexual and reproductive health and abortion, women’s organizations undersigned DECLARE:

  • • Our total outrage at the retreat in the recognition of sexual and reproductive rights of women who would be the possible reform of the law.
  • • Our absolute refusal to accept a cut in the freedom and autonomy of women regarding their sexuality and to decide on motherhood. If we decide we are not free.
  • • We disagree with the background story-retrograde, manipulative and ideological means by which to complete the reform.
  • • Our rejection because the violation of the rights of women to become the ideological stamp of PP.


  • • We denounce the loss of rights in sexual and reproductive health at greater risk of exposing a health and life of women. AFFIRM, however, that the government is obliged, according to European and international law, to endorse the protection and legal certainty with regard to sexual and reproductive rights.
  • • We denounce that “structural violence against women” is coercion and the restriction on the use of individual freedoms. AFFIRM, however, the unshakable will of women to live a life free of violence and coercion.
  • • We denounce the cuts in the freedom of women is due to pressure from the ecclesiastical hierarchy and ultraconservative groups. AFFIRM, however, the need for a secular and democratic society free religious impositions.
  • • DENOUNCE nineteenth century the unfortunate argument that only emphasizes how the woman’s right of free choice motherhood. AFFIRM, however, our right to decide over our bodies and our lives and not according to a prototype of femininity that discriminates against women.
  • • We denounce the arbitrariness in the management and use of the term “rights” and that the acceptance of women’s human rights is inconsistent with its regulation in the penal code. AFFIRM, however, that where there are “rights” no “assumptions” and that the exercise of a right is not punishable.
  • • We denounce the denial of sexual and reproductive rights of women leads to the decrease in such basic issues as sex education or improving access to contraception, including emergency. AFFIRM, however, that if specific rights of women in sexual and reproductive health and must be, therefore, entitled to specific performance in the national portfolio of basic health services.



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