The Spanish government has passed a new abortion law which makes terminations illegal except in cases of rape, life-threatening foetal deformities and when the mother’s health would be at serious risk if she were to carry the baby to full term. Doctors who perform abortions in any other circumstances could be imprisoned for up to three years. The new law has led to protests all over the country.

Hundreds of people congregated outside government buildings in Madrid on Friday 20th and  burnt an effigy of Minister of Justice Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, responsible for the new legislation. Three protesters were arrested, all belonging to feminist organisation Femen.

There were also protests in 20 other cities, among them Barcelona and Bilbao. Left-wing opposition party PSOE have announced there will be further demonstrations.

Before winning the 2011 election, conservative Partido Popular stated they would change the abortion law put in place in 2010, which permitted terminations up until the 14th week of pregnancy. A 2012 poll found that 81% of Spanish people were  against this change.

Women’s organisations have stated they believe the new abortion law will simply make more Spanish women travel to countries like Britain to get a termination.


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